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ClariVein is a revolutionary technology and treatment that uses a combined two-step approach to treat unwanted varicose veins. Also known as mechanochemical ablation (MOCA), ClariVein treatment works by inserting a catheter with a rotating tip at the end, which resolves the damaged vein while simultaneously delivering a sclerosing solution to the affected area. Dr. J. Keith Thompson, a board-certified vein specialist in Hattiesburg, MS, can skillfully provide ClariVein treatments for patients, who are candidates, seeking a minimally invasive solution to reduce the appearance of their bulging veins. To learn more about our vein ablation treatments, schedule a consultation at Vein Institute Hattiesburg.

The ClariVein procedure is an alternative to laser-based and injectable treatments. Instead, ClariVein uses a mechanical and chemical approach to treat varicose veins. To begin, Dr. Thompson will make a tiny incision in your skin and insert the infusion catheter. Because the incision is so small, you should not be at risk for any scarring. Once the catheter is placed, a rotating tip will ablate the damaged veins and deliver a sclerosing solution to target the underlying cause. There is no downtime so you can return to normal activities following the ClariVein treatment.

What a wonderful place. I'm truly happy I went to see Dr Thompson. He closed an ugly feeder vein that has been my shame for several years. I can't wait for shorts and swimsuit weather. And all of his staff are extra sweet and caring.  It was an excellent experience all the way around. I highly recommend the Vein Institute! You won't be disappointed.

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All the staff are super friendly. My wait time was minimal, and my appointment went very smooth.

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Very pleased with the procedures so far.

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Very well pleased with Dr. Thompson and all his staff. Would recommend him highly.

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The Doctor and associates were very knowledgeable and friendly.

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Varicose veins don't go away without treatment, so it's essential to address them, especially if they are causing you pain. At Vein Institute Hattiesburg, board-certified vein specialist Dr. J. Keith Thompson uses ClariVein treatments to seal varicose veins which prevents them from returning. Schedule your consultation at our Hattiesburg, MS, office to find pain relief and achieve clearer skin.


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