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Do you have painful, swollen varicose veins that you'd like to get rid of without undergoing surgery or multiple injections? At Vein Institute Hattiesburg and D'Iberville, board-certified vein specialist Dr. J. Keith Thompson can use Varithena, an FDA-approved polidocanol (sclerosing) foam, to collapse your damaged veins. As a minimally invasive and nonsurgical treatment, Varithena does not require any incisions and is injected under the guidance of ultrasound imaging. Schedule an appointment at our Hattiesburg and D'Iberville, MS, office to ask about this quick and gentle vein ablation treatment today.

What Are the Benefits of Varithena?

When you think of foam, varicose veins probably aren’t at the top of your mind. However, Varithena is a microfoam used at Vein Institute Hattiesburg and D'Iberville that is an excellent choice for eliminating unsightly varicose veins. Benefits of Varithena injections used with ultrasound imaging at our Hattiesburg and D'Iberville, MS office include:

  • Causing the affected veins to collapse and seal, diverting blood to healthier veins
  • Addressing the appearance of varicose veins and resulting pain
  • Minimally invasive treatments with no incisions
  • Effectively treats different-sized veins
  • Little to no downtime
  • FDA-approved

Your Varithena treatment will take around 30 minutes to perform. Most patients that are candidates may only require a single treatment, but some may require multiple sessions. Prior to injecting Varithena into the dysfunctional vein, Dr. Thompson may apply a numbing gel to the area. Then, using an ultrasound, he will inject the sclerosing foam into your varicose vein. The foam works by causing the vein to collapse, and blood flow is then redirected to healthier veins. Afterward, you should notice less pain and visibility of your varicose veins. There is no downtime, although you may need to avoid strenuous activity for a few days.

What a wonderful place. I'm truly happy I went to see Dr Thompson. He closed an ugly feeder vein that has been my shame for several years. I can't wait for shorts and swimsuit weather. And all of his staff are extra sweet and caring.  It was an excellent experience all the way around. I highly recommend the Vein Institute! You won't be disappointed.

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All the staff are super friendly. My wait time was minimal, and my appointment went very smooth.

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Very pleased with the procedures so far.

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Very well pleased with Dr. Thompson and all his staff. Would recommend him highly.

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The Doctor and associates were very knowledgeable and friendly.

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Improve the appearance of your veins with as little as one Varithena treatment. If you are dealing with pain in your legs due to enlarged varicose veins, board-certified vein specialist Dr. J. Keith Thompson offers Varithena as a solution. Contact Vein Institute Hattiesburg in Hattiesburg and D'Iberville, MS, to schedule an appointment to discover which vein ablation treatment is suitable for your needs.

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What is the Varithena treatment experience like?

Varithena treatment is minimally invasive, typically requiring only one or two needle sticks and is nearly painless. Most patients report little to no discomfort during the procedure.

What is the recovery process post-Varithena treatment?

Recovery is swift, with most people resuming normal activities the same day. It's advised to avoid strenuous exercise for a week, keep bandages dry for 48 hours, and wear compression stockings for two weeks.

Are there any side effects of Varithena?

Common side effects include leg pain or discomfort, injection site bruising, and rarely, blood clots in the leg veins. It's important to discuss any concerns with your healthcare provider at Vein Institute Hattiesburg or D'Iberville.

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